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hushed words that trickle out in small
24 June 2012 @ 10:58 pm

[ b a n n e r  c r e d i t s ; fonulyn ]

s e m i - f r i e n d l o c k e d

there's not much to see here anyway o ~ o
i kind of flushed out this whole journal oops
i tend to do that a lot????
pls ignore that tho
i've decided to start anew (again. like. for the fourth time OOPS)
also hi my name is jordan
(to those of you who know- and somehow still remember- me from before my hiatus... you might be confused. hmu if you would like an explanation)
leave a comment below if we've talked before or if you just want to talk?
(anyone who commented in the past, sorry nigs, i deleted everything.)
hushed words that trickle out in small
30 June 2013 @ 09:45 pm
hi if my un sounds even vaguely familiar, that's rly cool and yeah ilu. (hey remember me i went on a hiatus a mothafuckin' year ago LOL)

i flushed this journal because i do dumb shit like this a lot and i like to start fresh frequently. gotta have a clean slate. namsayin?

also 75% of the fic in my writing comm is gone sorry (not sorry) :|